25 Apr 2016
Kitchen design services

With the fashion for an open plan kitchen, the question most asked by prospective clients is how do we make a kitchen dinner with bi-fold doors look amazing. In fact at the last Grand Designs Live Tristan held 23 ask the expert sessions, of which 19 were this style of space. In the 30 minutes available Tristan was able to produce a workable layout with focal points and a well zoned space, but this is only half the challenge. Clients often express the feeling of just not knowing where to start when it come to creating a space they and guest will walk into feel instantly wowed.

The key to success in any open plan kitchen space is a well thought out layout, considered lighting and focal points and a well developed visual concept that ties the space together. It is important to remember that a multi purpose space will actually have numerous pieces of furniture, views and finishes, building a pintrest board of ideas is always a good start, as designer it is great for us if a client has captured as many ideas as possible before we start on a project. To complement all of our kitchen designs we also produce a printable mood board to bring all the Finishes , textures , colour and lighting together , when viewed along side the plans and 3d visualisations this really helps a client to visualise as best as possible what the finished design will look like. We have recently added video walk through’s to our client presentations which prove very popular.

If you would like to know more about how we approach designing our open plan living spaces please call us on 01234 910082 or email sales@haywoodstyles.com.

We have completed numerous open plan kitchen projects and really understand what is required to design the perfect space for your needs, be it an open plan kitchen refurbishment or a new extension.