The Details

Design Highlights

1. Stunning contemporary- classic interiors.
2. Oak and glass staircase with mother of pearl mirror and pinstriped stair runner.
3. Boot room with bespoke dog housing, dog shower and sports equipment storage.

Country Home Stage 2


• Stage one had been completed in 2015, this had created a beautiful kitchen and living space (click here for more details).
• Stage two took the project back to its original brief which was to provide an entrance to the house that fitted the houses personality, to create a more balanced feel to the house as a whole and to provide excellent utility spaces that included a WC and boot/utility room.
• Having worked with the clients over the previous two years we had a really good understanding of their style and their ideas for the space.
• Our challenge was to now tie together the six bedroom home into a cohesive, luxury multifunctional design.
• As part of our brief we were required to gain planning permission and building regulations approval along with co-ordinating builders and subcontractors.


• The internal layouts were revisited and signed of by the client. We appointed our architect to design the outside of the home to ensure the original house and subsequent extensions all worked with the proposed design.
• Large design decisions were taken at this such as reversing the staircase, moving doorways adding a porch installing a dog shower and the size of the entrance doorway to the kitchen.
• Once permissions were gained we revisited the preliminary concept work from Stage One and developed the design in each of the new spaces to include the new bedroom 6, 2 extra en-suits, boot/utility room, WC and entrance hallway.
• Mood boards were produced and designs tweaked as the building work progressed.
• The aesthetic designs evolved and the boot room in particular was re-designed and refined several times to ensure it met all of the clients requirements.
• Throughout installation, as well as co-ordinating subcontractors we were on site most days to answer design queries and evolve the designs.


• A well balanced large family home with a hall and landing that now balanced the building to feel like one large unified space.
• A classic, relaxed decorative scheme ran through the entire home with each room having its own individual features, colour pallet and style.
• A great use of natural textures, neutral finishes antique furniture and carefully selected fixtures and fittings to create the desired look.
• Massively increased storage.
• Well thought out functional room layout, decorative schemes, lighting and furniture placements meant each room worked perfectly as intended by the clients meeting their exact needs.

About The Project