Kitchen Interior Design

The Details

Design Highlights

  • An open feel with no wall units
  • seperate pantry space for increased storage
  • Simple textures with a hint of an industrial feel

Family Kitchen



  • Following an extensive refurbishment and extension, tripling the size of the property the brief was to design a 9m x 3.6m kitchen dinning space that would complement the open plan down stairs living space.
  • A separate utlility, boot room and pantry room meant the fitted kitchen furniture would not need to dominate the space.
  • The prerequisites for the design included a window seat so views of the village green could be enjoyed, a large island, no wall units and a separate space for easy chairs.
  • The design was to be light, airy, simple and contemporary with emphasised focal points for interest.


  • Detailed layout plans and elevations were produced to include the bootroom, utility and pantry to ensure all measurments had been accounted for,
  • A mood board was produced to illustrate the kitchen design and also the rest of the space to ensure a unified a complementary design.
  • Because of the open plan living space required the transition between the kitchen space and the living room was also included in the design.


  • A spacious contemporary kitchen, dining space with a cool colour pallet but flashes of colour.
  • Three clear zones of relaxed seating, kitchen and dining area lit in a manor which enables the feel and mood to be altered depending on the occasion.
  • Feature pendant lighting complemented vintage designer pieces, luxury fabrics and simple accessories.
  • Having a pantry, meant the kitchen cabinetry could be kept to a minimum so as not to dominate the room.
  • The final result is a contemporary, functional family space with a relaxed feel, cool colour pallet with bold features and accessories to add depth and interest.  A space that blends seamlessly with the houses open plan living space that embraces the veiws of the village green and church.

About The Project