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The Details

Design Highlights

1. Limed oak kitchen cabinets with book matched grain detail
2. Children’s bookcase with fabric bookshelf’s built into the cabinetry and toy basket storage.
3. Built in furniture designed to be a contemporary take on more traditional Victorian style.

Highbury Townhouse

Highbury Town House Kitchen

• The clients had recently moved into the property and wanted to maximise the space and performance of the kitchen whilst adding several pieces of bespoke joinery to the living room, dining room and drawing room.
• The client had building work being completed by a local contractor and we were asked to design the kitchen and install this around their schedule.
• The client had their own style and provided us with a clear brief but wanted an independent kitchen designer to pull the project togeather.
• The existing kitchen was to be half retained so it was imperative that we came up with a design that worked with the existing units as well as changed the space to fit in with the clients style and needs.

• The kitchen design evolved over a number of weeks as we discussed layout options and tweaked the space. At the same time we produced samples of the proposed finishes which the client could use to see how it would integrate with the existing kitchen units.
• Bespoke cabinetry was used to enable a seamless look, maximum storage and to navigate around the challenges of the Victorian wall.
• Detailed working drawings for the TV unit, child book shelves and alcove units were produced and all equipment such as TV’s, books, bottle measured to fit within the newly designed bespoke cabinetry.
• Cabinetry colours were integrated with the rest of the design and the same colours and paint as the architectural woodwork already present.
• The installation was organised to work around the builders, fitting therefore taking place after the flooring and decorators had completed.

• New Scandinavian inspired kitchen cabinetry that complemented the existing white gloss units by using a white washed oak veneer. Laminated units with reduced depth drawers and corner carousel to account for the shall depth cabinets.
• Great space planning and extra storage in the bench seating and living room cabinetry really made the most of the space.
• A cohesive scheme based on bespoke cabinetry was designed along with mood boards and ideas for the rest of the room to meant the room scheme all tied together.

About The Project