Cocktail bar interior design

The Details

Design Highlights

  • intricate space planning
  • Considered mix of vintage and bespoke furniture
  • visual scheme designed around existing branding

London Cocktail Bar


  • We were asked to by the owners of this established Shoreditch bar to re-design and install the furniture and lighting to the back bar room.
  • We inherited a space with mirrored wall and curved wall paper, but the spaced lacked a suitable well thought-out seating layout and cloakroom.
  • The bar was trading so work had to be organised to be carried out on Sundays and Mondays.
  • Some existing retro pieces of furniture including bath tub seats had to be considered for inclusion in the final design.


  • A detailed survey of the space was made followed by several meeting detailing exactly how the space was to be used. This included how many covers, staff numbers, flexibility of table numbers and to account for groups of different sizes.
  • Several layout scenarios were presented to the client along with a visual concept.
  • Once the design was signed off a sourcing list was produced and we began sourcing retro, distressed and vintage furniture to sit along side fixed seating and contemporary lighting.
  • Installation was scheduled over several weeks with each stage adding to the design allowing the space to be used over the duration of the install.


  • A very well planned layout with seating increasing from 18 to 54. A cloakroom suitable for the size of the space and enough circulation space for the tables to be waited on and turned around to maximise revenue.
  • The carefully chosen colour pallet and retro furniture, including old school worktops, retro seating and vintage bar tables blended with the existing bar design.
  • An exiting tropical style vintage light was used as the base of the room, to which we added brass table tops, stripped wall paper, gold painted table bases, pink Perspex and a vintage 1960’s home bar.

About The Project